Castle Brick International

Our Vision

Our vision is to be at the head of the pack,
first choice provider for all stock transfer, escrow, and corporate action needs. Our ambition is to be known as an efficient, fast, and cost-effective agent using the latest stock transfer programs and delivering a service above and beyond expectations.

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Our Featured Services


Castle Brick International offers consultative services when applying for a CUSIP number, the resumption of trading under SEC Rule.

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Castle Brick International has brought together a talented group of professionals who all have belief in our shared vision.

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About Us

For those not familiar with stock transfer, escrow, and issuer services, it can appear to be a complex and daunting place.

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We can help you focus on your business

If you’re being weighed down by the burden of complying with ever-changing regulations, Castle Brick International governance counseling can lighten the load and enable your board to focus on your business

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